8/21 Menu

I think our garden is an almost bust again this year. I’m blaming this dumb pumpkin plant that the kids wanted to plant. We have no pumpkins and I think it’s sucked all the nutrients from our tomatoes.

Beans- got maybe 10 green beans
Corn – both stalks got tall and pretty and then died
Tomato plants – are nice and big, but not lots of fruit
Pumpkin plant – is huge, no pumpkins
Peanuts – TBD

Here’s the meal plan –

Day 1- Pork Tenderloin with Apples

Day 2- Summer Corn, Tomato, Avocado Salad

Day 3- Soy Glazed Salmon with Brown Rice and Snow Peas

Day 4- Pad Thai with Chicken

Day 5- Turkey Brie Peach Arugula Sandwich

Day 6 – Sushi Friday



Tomato Arts Fest 2016

8 years and 3 kids later – the Tomato Arts Fest has definitely evolved – but the parade is still my favorite part! Well…the parade and having friends within walking distance that have a Bloody Mary waiting for me post-parade.:)

This year – we even made the Tennessean.🙂


Our feeble, Dollar Store attempt to decorate the stroller – June’s not impressed.🙂

Now if the tomatoes in my garden would actually turn red – all would be right in the world.

8/14 Menu

We all survived last week – and I even made to work (almost) on time. Tomato Arts Fest pics to be posted late. Shocker – it was hot! Here’s the plan for this week –

Day 1- Baked Chicken Parm with Spinach

Day 2- Skinny Tuna Melts

Day 3- Tilapia with Asparagus, Almonds, Parm

Day 4-  Mexican Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Day 5- Linguine with Summer Vegetables and Goat Cheese

Day 6- Pizza Friday



8/7 Menu

We all survived the first week. Now onto the first week that Ryan’s gone part of the week.

No CSA this year – meant our summer menus have been sorely lacking in summer veggies. We’re still waiting for all our tomatoes to ripen! I’m throwing a few in this week –

Here’s the plan –

Day 1- Rotisserie Chicken with Roasted Zucchini with Garlic

Day 2- Caprese Pasta Salad with Crusty Bread

Day 3- BBQ Chicken Quesadillas – add Avocado

Day 4- Steak Salad

Day 5- Sauteed Spinach with Poach Eggs and Quinoa

Day 6- Sushi Friday (Edamame, Steamed Rice, Cucumber Sushi for the kids)



7/31 Menu

I’m back! June’s 9 weeks in a couple days and I’m back at work tomorrow. I love her to pieces, but we’re all ready to get back into our normal routine. Maevy starts 2nd grade on Wednesday and Carter starts Pre-K next week!

Here’s the dinner plan –

Day 1-  Pineapple Chicken Sausage – Fried Rice

Day 2– Grilled Chicken with Heirloom tomatoes
Day 5- Bourbon Salmon with Brussels Sprouts
Day 6- Pizza and Caesar salad

Baby June News

So that baby finally showed up – 6 days late like Carter.🙂 Here’s her announcement –

June Ryan Taylor
Born:  May 31, 2016, 3:18pm
Weight: 8lb, 13oz
Height: 21 1/2 in

Both Mom and baby June/Junebug/Junie are doing great. Big sister, Maevy, and big brother, Carter, are already fighting over her. She passed her newborn hearing test. Hooray!

With love,
Amy & Ryan

Origins of her name: June – really was just inspired by the cuteness of possible nicknames and the time of year. It’s derived from the Roman goddess – Juno, protectress of women and marriage – which we also thought was awesome. June‘s middle name, Ryan, is obviously an ode her to Daddy, a name Amy has always loved.

We’re past the 1 week honeymoon phase and she’s a little more high maintenance, but overall – she’s still a pretty chill baby who is easily soothed (or I’m just getting better at this baby thing). Another giant baby, she was back to birth weight 5 days after birth and is already doing 4- 4 1/2  hr sleep stretches at night.

Delivery was traumatic as usual, but fine. Yes, I was able to delivery naturally/unmedicated with just some major help from nitris and the volunteer doula. Midwife and nurse were great about not giving me an IV and only doing intermittent (at best) monitoring of the baby. I walked from the delivery room to the recovery room – and we were out of there just 26 hours after delivery. :) Man, I love Vanderbilt.

I made it back to my prenatal/postnatal yoga class today. It was wonderful.🙂

2 hours after birth –


Day 2- at home
Day 3- at the grocery
Day 5- new family photo
Day 8 – milk drunk smiles
Day 10 – adorable sleep

We’re all going to still need a little more time adjusting to life with 3. As expected, there’s no real schedule yet – so things can get a little stressful when it seems everyone is crying/whining at the same time. We’ll figure it out.🙂

Oh and maternity clothes are officially gone – mostly to my baby sister, Robyn, and the rest were off my porch in 10 min via a giveaway on the neighborhood facebook group.🙂

Happy summer!

5/22 Menu

Baby due this week…don’t hold your breath.🙂 We’re not doing a CSA this year – so we need to make weekly or bi-weekly plans to stop by the farmer’s market. Here’s the plan –

Day 1-  Pad Thai with Zoodles

Day 2-  Chicken, Peach, and Avocado Salad

Day 3 – Salmon with Parmesan Corn on the Cob

Day 4 –  Feta and Basil Turkey Burgers

Day 5- Brats with Whipped Cauliflower

Day 6- Wing it…


Dugout Organization

I’m sure this happens everywhere – you sign your kid up for something. You offer to help out. You attend the volunteer meeting and then leave the meeting no longer a helper, but the leader.

This is what happened to us with Tee ball this year. We signed Carter up and said Ryan would help out – figured he would want to help – since hello, it’s baseball! But also it was our first foray into team sports and Carter using his FM system outside of school.

So – somehow Ryan ended up being the head coach. Note – he’s never coached anything in his life before. Which, in turn, meant I ended up being the Team Manager – you know the one that organizes the roster, website, communication, practice schedule, drills, line ups…and the dugout.

Feel free to reach out directly if you want copies of all my practice drills and research. We quickly realized that 4 and 5 yr olds weren’t going to be doing anything fancy at practice or during the games. We had to start with the very basics – like this is home base and don’t tackle your teammate. Luckily we don’t keep score and at least once each game – the kid hitting the ball also attempts to field his own ball while running to 1st base. It’s pretty hilarious.

At our first game – we decided to kind of wing everything – the line-up, positions, and the dugout. It was hot mess – the kids were climbing all over the dugout like monkeys and I left thinking – well this has got to change!

Some quick google searches – and I came up with the following –

  1. Baskets with their names inside + carabiner –
    This is where they keep their hat, water bottle, and glove. Plus they should be sitting in front of it when they’re in the dugout. (Dollar Store- for it all, including contact paper)

    2. Additional names – in contact paper, hung with binder clips to the back of the dugout. (Dollar Store) We’ve stopped using these – now that the kids are trained to sit in front of their baskets.
    3. Batting Order & Positions –
    I just got a teacher pocket chart, then printed off their names again, and printed off a picture of the field- with the position circled.(These kids don’t necessarily read!) (Teacher store – for the pocket chart)

    I also have additional little clips with “Batting” and “On Deck”, but we haven’t needed to use them. I just yell at them to come stand next to me – then head out to hit. :) Cheerleaders- extra!🙂

Free printables –

Dugout Labels

Dugout Line Up & Positions

All of this has helped tremendously and I’m happy to report that the dugout is a little less zoo-like. Plus I’ve gotten some nice compliments – just this week another Little League coached stopped by – and said that in 6 years of coaching, he’d never seen anything like it and then took pictures.

Again – totally stole all these ideas from the internet, but I’ll take the praise.

Click here for a couple adorable videos of Carter – actually doing a decent job of hitting.🙂

Happy organizing!



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